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The IRW Aylhr is a D'Dherex dreadnaught modified for a variety of roles within the Beta Quadrant. I am Riov Rhae'go tr'Neyl, Commanding Officer of the IRW Aylhr, many consider me to be quite the outcast and are still amazed that I landed in the command throne of such a notable ship. The story of my miraculous ascension is long so I’ll save it for later. My Executive Officer is erie'Riov T'Imina t'Verelan. We have our disagreements but it could be worse- she could be a wretched Klingon.

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» SD242303.17 - The Melancholy of Rhae'go tr'Neyl Pt 1

Mission: Penumbra
Posted on 242303.17 @ 10:36pm by Riov Rhaego tr'Neyl

[Ch’Rihan, Aihai]

Materializing into the midday warmth of Eisn, Rhae’go looked up at the pale blue sky. Overhead, a large silky strand of cloud passed by coating the emerald landscape in translucent shadows. Next to him D’Nal seemed to admire the scenery. In the distance the turquoise waters of the…

» SD242303.17 - [Backlog] Heat Wave PT 2 - T'Imina & Nniol

Mission: Penumbra
Posted on 242303.17 @ 9:28pm by erie'Riov T’Imina t’Verelan

[Part Two]

[Club Khoey Arhae, Ki Baratan, Romulus]
22:40 Hours

"T'Iminaaaaa!" The two were interrupted by the shout of the erie'Riov's name from on the dance floor. There T’Soreth had taken notice of the two interacting. T'Imina groaned as her friend had given the two of them an obvious…

» SD242303.17 - [Backlog] Heat Wave PT 1 - T'Imina & Nniol-

Mission: Penumbra
Posted on 242303.17 @ 9:20pm by erie'Riov T’Imina t’Verelan & erie'Arrain Nniol tr'Rehu

[Part One]

[Club Khoey Arhae, Ki Baratan, Romulus]
22:30 Hours

T’Imina tipped the narrow crystal flute backward and engulfed the lime green liquid that was contained within it, her fourth or fifth glass at this point. She pushed the glass forward towards one of the barkeeps and tapped on…

» Homecoming | Arrain Vaurek tr'Valdore

Mission: Penumbra
Posted on 242303.17 @ 6:51am by Arrain Vaurek tr'Valdore

The vast cosmos stretched out before Arrain Vaurek tr'Valdore like a tapestry woven with countless stars, the celestial bodies twinkling like embers in the night. The old bomber cut through the darkness with the grace and precision of a raptor on the hunt, its wing-like silhouette casting an imposing shadow…

» SD242303.09 - [Leih's Log] Death and Senators - Riov Rhae'go tr'Neyl

Mission: Penumbra
Posted on 242303.09 @ 6:20pm by Riov Rhaego tr'Neyl

[Ch’Rihan, Galae Command Center]

Sunlight greeted Rhae’go as soon as he dematerialized on the central transporter pad of the massive lobby of the Galae command building. Tall arching glass ceilings covered the main lobby allowing the midday sun to filter in unimpeded. As he tried to get his bearings a…